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What is a Community Title Scheme?
Community Titles are schemes providing for low, medium or high density housing, leisure and retail facilities and other community uses. Whether the scheme is single, duplex or multi-storey for residential or commercial usage it can be incorporated in a Community Scheme. The Schemes provide for lands to be set aside for Community, Precinct or Neighbourhood use while providing secure Title to the ownership of the Neighbourhood property. These schemes are particularly useful for land with dual occupancy and Community Titles Scheme Plans can only be prepared by a Registered Surveyor.

Community Associations

Community, Precinct and Neighbourhood Associations are similar to Bodies Corporate under the existing Strata Schemes. They are controlling bodies established to administer the obligations of the Community Land Management Act. The Associations are made up of owners of loss in the Neighbourhood Schemes comprising the overall Community Scheme. Your Consulting Surveyor will advise on the establishment of Community Associations.

Unit Entitlements

Unit Entitlements are proportional valuations of your title against the overall value of the Scheme and will control the amount payable by you towards the overall running and maintenance of the Scheme.

Development Statements

This statement sets out the developer's proposals and undertakings to provide facilities as well as rights and duties of owners in the Scheme. It can be used as part of the development contract for later stages. Statements are compulsory for Neighbourhood Schemes but optional in Precinct and Community Schemes. Your Surveyor can advise on and prepare Developing Statements.

Where can you have a Community Title Scheme?

The Local Council Planning Scheme sets aside localities zoned for different land uses. A standard, low density residential community scheme can be achieved in any residential zone. Medium and high density residential, retail, industrial or commercial schemes can be located subject to council approval in appropriately zoned land. However, mixed and varying uses may be allowed depending on Council policy and attitude. Your Surveyor will consult and negotiate with Council and investigate the possibility of creating and Community Title Scheme on your behalf. A Surveyor is trained and experienced in dealing with Local Councils.

Strata Titles Commission

With Strata Titles, the Arbitrator on Community Title Schemes will be the Strata Titles Commissioner. Your Surveyor can advise you on submissions to the Commissioner.

When it comes to Professionals

Your Surveyor can create anything from a small community to a new town. Call the professional best suited to discuss the advantages of Community Schemes for the development of your land.

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