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2015 EISSI Highlights

Updated Determining the Future Demand, Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying & Geospatial Professionals : 2014-2024 Report has now been released.

Click here to read the full report

Endorsement of Instruments Creating Essential Energy Easements in New Subdivisions


A Spotlight on the Profession


Rural Surveyors Book


Urban Surveyors Book


Media Release "BUDGET INFRASTRUCTURE SPEND UNDER THREAT" has been sent on 16 May 2014.

More information


The Video Recording and presentation slides of "Coaching & Mentoring in the Workplace" Webinar is available on the homepage of the Member Section.


Click here to access the photos of 2013 October Conference.  


The photos of 2013 EISSI Awards Night is available now.  Please click here to access the photos.


Media Release of Skills Gap Study For Surveyors & Geospatial Professionals 2012-2022

Surveyors shortfall could derail Australian Industry: Report ... Read More


The Surveying & Mapping Industry Promo Video is now available on YouTube. Please click here to access.


The Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation 2012 is also available to download in the Resource Documents, Links & Templates Section of Member Content


Fee Proposal Template with Terms of Engagement is available in the Resource Documents, Links & Templates Section of Member Content


Presentation Slides - Work Health & Safety Act Webinar

Presentation Slides - Work Health & Safety Regulations Webinar


What is a Surveyor?


A Surveyor is a professional person, with academic qualifications, technical expertise, interpretative ability and management skills to practice the discipline of surveying for the benefit of society.


Surveying encompasses the following activities and surveyors can be involved in one or more and may carry them out in conjuction with other professionals.

  • Acquiring, interpreting and manipulating geodatic data to determine the shape and size of the earth and its surface.
  • Providing the spatial infrastructure needed to support an effective cadastral and land tenure system.
  • Determining, locating and defining the boundaries of public and private land (including national boundaries), interpreting anomalies in the cadastre, and arbitrating on disputes over boundary location.
  • Designing and establishing spatial reference systems to provide a homogeneous framework for geographic and land information systems.
  • Collecting, analysing and managing geographic data and designing, establishing and administering land and geographic information systems.
  • Measuring, controlling and monitoring the shape, size and location of physical features, structures, machines and engineering works and determining their spatial relationships. 
  • Measuring and mapping seabeds, lakes and waterways; measuring tidal movements and current flows; providing information for navigation and maritime developments.
  • Providing information and advice, pertinent to property and its environment, to assist in determining the best sustainable land use and development.
  • Assessing the potential benefits or disadvantages that could accrue from property development and advising clients and governments accordingly.
  • Contributing to the development and menagement of urban and rural properties by planning, advising, negotiating, and implementing procedures.
  • Planning, estimating, designing, measuring, and managing construction works and applying prudent financial control.
  • Producing for clients, plans maps, files, data bases, models, charts and reports.
  • Advancing the science of measurement; the management and administration of land and land information; and the effectiveness of surveying.
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