Webinar Series - Using LinkedIn for Your Business

Webinar Series - Using LinkedIn for Your Business
Start Date
12 February 2021
End Date
12 February 2021
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Abigail Lius
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02 9054 6988
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Join us as we start 2021 with a look at how to connect directly with clients, through LinkedIn. Most Surveyors grow their business through word of mouth, but where are your clients doing their talking? LinkedIn is the professional network where your clients can be found. Delivered by KEO, this is one to be a part of ... 1 SP for this webinar, $50 for member and $90 for a non-member.

What's the point of LinkedIn?  

How do I use LinkedIn?

Many people assume the only use for LinkedIn is to look for a new job.  That may have been the case in 2003 when the site launched, but no longer.  These days, people are using LinkedIn for business purposes like building a relationship with like-minded professionals, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and uncovering new leads who could become customers or clients.

ACS in partnership with KEO Design will show you how to build Company profiles on LinkedIn, called Company Pages, rank highly in search results, so simply having one that lists basic information about your business is useful. LinkedIn provides data on Company Pages—like demographic information about your followers and metrics on each update you post—that can help you better understand your customers.