2020 EISSI Awards

It is with deep regret that we wish to advise that the EISSI awards planned for September this year will not proceed. The postponement to September 2021 was recommended by the EISSI committee and has since been ratified by both boards of ISNSW and ACS.

Clearly the Government imposed restrictions and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 response has made the continued planning for this event in 2020 untenable. There are evolving circumstances that we needed to consider in assessing the situation from a risk management perspective for both organisations and it became clear that it was best to postpone sooner rather than later to minimise the financial exposure to both ISNSW and ACS.

It is not a decision that we have taken lightly however the potential impact can be summarised as follows:

  • The number of entries submitted – this will be the last thing on the mind of companies and individuals struggling to keep their heads above water over the coming months.
  • Similarly, sponsorship dollars will be harder to find and significantly reduced as our sponsors look to focusing on core business and we suspect EISSI will not be front of mind.
  • We anticipate attendee numbers would suffer as a result of this crisis. We can’t see too many people putting their hands in the pockets to attend an awards night if times are as tough as being suggested, nor will they risk attending an indoor event even if advice suggests that the worst risk is passed.
  • Given medical advice is suggesting 6 months is the minimum it will take for things to get back to normal many people will be shell shocked and still unwilling to take any risk. As such we believe the event would struggle to break even at best and could run at a significant loss.

The Sofitel Wentworth has agreed to transfer our initial deposit that has been paid for this year’s event as a deposit for the 2021 EISSI awards. This will not see either ISNSW or ACS lose monies paid so far.

Kind Regards,


Michael Lamont         Leigh Finlay

Presiden ACS                              President ISNSW