Joining ACS NSW

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW.

The Association of Consulting Surveyors has a vision of seeing thriving consulting surveyor businesses in every region and city across New South Wales where surveyors are recognised for underpinning the value of the economy.  It is our mission to be the leading voice of the surveying profession through advocacy and research, providing support to our member firms to build strong and thriving businesses through education ensuring the future and longevity of the surveying profession and the New South Wales economy.

Our membership structure is based on the number of staff in your firm.  We seek to provide relevant information and training for your whole team, not just the registered surveyors!  We aim to provide you with the opportunity to connect with others in the same category and mix with larger and smaller firms to share knowledge and experience across the spectrum of surveying and business.

Our Membership Brochure lists the many benefits of being a member of ACS NSW, but one of the new initiatives for 2020/21 is ONE FREE WEBINAR FOR EVERY STAFF MEMBER LISTED WITH ACS.  ACS offers monthly webinar on the second Friday of every month from February to November across a range of topics to support your business.

We have 5 membership categories for the 2020/21 year:

  1. Large, more than 30 staff.  Designed to provide the right support for the larger surveying firms, or large firms with a surveying component. This category is for firms who are now looking for opportunities through connections to high-level business leaders and participation in advocacy leading to change.
  2. Medium, 20-29 staff. Designed to support and assist medium-sized and growing firms, some of which may be choosing an expansion model, incorporating other disciplines and professions in the firm.  This category provides these firms with industry, business and government connections to assist with growth.
  3. Small, 10-19 staff. Designed for the usual "small business" firms developing and enjoying growth or at a comfortable size for their location. For those who appreciate ongoing business support, training and assistance when needed.
  4. Specialised, 3-9 staff.  Designed to meet the needs of smaller specialised firms who with a few staff are looking for relevant business-enhancement support, training and advice for firms of this size.
  5. Sole Practitioner and Emerging, 1-2 staff or in business for less than 3 years.  Designed for those who choose to run their own lean business, or who have stepped out into their practice in the last 3 years. Providing direct support you need it and connecting you to others within the profession to provide help and mentoring.


Download the full Membership Brochure with details of each category to find out more!


Gathering more information to provide better services
To help us provide valuable services, we encourage you to let us know all the staff members in your organisation (or those connected to your surveying business). This will help us communicate more effectively, provide targeted training and events and understand the research required to support consulting surveying firms. We will however communicate confidential information with principal directors only, such as the results of the Salary Survey.

Where will this information be used?
Some of your company information provided in this form will be included on the ACS NSW website on the ‘Find a Surveyor’ page. Only generic company information, including office contact details and services, is used for these purposes. All other information provided remains confidential. 

Need more information?
Don’t hesitate to contact our office directly on 02 9054 6867 or email our CEO, Michelle Blicavs,, if you have any questions or to discuss the best category or value for your company. 

If your organisation would like to become a part ACS NSW, please follow the Join Now button, first ensuring that all membership requirements are met. Membership to the Association is available to a Business Entity in New South Wales involved in surveying and/or a related discipline. All applications for membership must be approved by the Board of ACS NSW

All member firms are required to hold a valid Professional Indemnity Insurance policy and operate from a satisfactory place of business. 

Once membership is approved, each member must abide by the Association’s Code of Ethical Conduct at all times. A breach of this code may result in disciplinary action being taken.

If there are any questions relating to the membership application process, please contact the ACS NSW office on (02) 9054 6867.



Every incorporated association must have a constitution, which is a contract between the association and its members, who both agree to adhere to the provisions outlined in the constitution. A copy of the Association's constitution can be found here