Budget Infrastructure Spend Under Threat

The coalition government’s proposed $125 billion spending on infrastructure will be threatened by surveyor shortages according to the Chairman of the Association of Consulting Surveyors New South Wales Mr Paul Rowlandson. Recent comprehensive research by BIS Shrapnel indicates that there is a shortage of surveyors and that shortage will only get worse to a peak in 2018/19 which coincides with the proposed infrastructure spend in Tuesday’s budget Mr Rowlandson said.

Virtually all infrastructure projects require input from surveyors from the word go to final commissioning and despite what many contend improvements in technology have increase productivity in the surveying sector but they do not eliminate the need for competent and trained surveyors. In a relatively small but ageing profession research indicates that in New South Wales alone we need another 900 registered/licensed surveyors by 2018 and when you consider it takes six years to train a fully qualified surveyor we need to act now to address the shortage.

Government should be very mindful that we need training places for technician surveyors as well but most importantly we need to attract more students to University to study a degree in surveying and eventually become registered or licensed surveyors Mr Rowlandson said.

Mr Rowlandson said that urgent and coordinated action was needed from the surveying industry, the education sector and governments to avoid a crippling shortage, and he called on the parties to collaborate in the national interest.

“We each need to do our part. Industry must play a greater role in championing and marketing our professional contribution, educational institutions must provide more modern, flexible and adaptive training and governments must provide direct incentives and funding for a
revitalized surveying training sector.”

“It’s absolutely essential that we get those three things right if the surveying sector is to keep pace with the demands of Australian industry and be able to service the $125 billion spending on infrastructure by 2018/2019 ,” Mr Rowlandson said.

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