Young Surveying Professional of the Year - Ryan Fifield

Ryan Fifield recently became the recipient of the Young Professional of the Year at the Excellence in Surveying & Spatial Information Awards (EISSI) where he was recognised for his work as a Surveyor as well as his impressive contribution to the profession.


Ryan’s interest in Surveying was first sparked by a work experience placement at a Surveying firm in 2002. This led to his decision to study Surveying at UNSW; a choice he’s never regretted. He started working as a field assistant during his time at university, which solidified his career choice and put him in good stead to receive post-graduate employment. Following completion of his degree in 2008, Ryan worked with Road & Traffic Authority NSW before becoming a registered Surveyor in 2010. Since I began studying Surveying as an undergraduate, cadastral surveying was always interesting to me. I enjoy the combination of measurement, history and legal aspects, fact-finding and problem solving that land/cadastral surveying involves.


Gaining registration has allowed me to undertake and manage projects involving this type of work. It has also allowed me pursue certain interesting roles where Registration as a Land Surveyor forms a prerequisite, said Ryan.


Ryan currently works as Survey Manager at Roads and Maritime Services – Maritime Survey Unit. His daily work includes land/cadastral surveys and investigations related to the definition of foreshore property boundaries and subdivision of RMS maritime property, hydrographic surveys and surveys for special aquatic events and engineering surveys related to structures and development on RMS maritime property.


As with most Surveying jobs, every day is different, with new projects, locations, and challenges. I like the variety a career in Surveying offers. Not only the mix of work indoors and outdoors at varying locations but also the diversity of the Surveying and Spatial disciplines. The ability to get involved in different types of projects with varied complexities is motivating and means you are continually learning, said Ryan.


Ryan’s career has taken him all across New South Wales working on a range of interesting projects such as establishing the stratum boundaries for sections of the Lane Cove and Cross City Tunnels in Sydney.


On being awarded Young Professional of the Year, Ryan said, I was honoured to be nominated for, and receive the award. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to work with many talented colleagues and dedicated mentors. I feel that my eligibility for the award is in no small part a reflection of the generous guidance and support I’ve received from those peers and mentors.


Now Ryan is paying it forward and inspiring a new generation of young Surveyors. In addition to his day job, Ryan is a member of several groups including the Institute of Surveyors NSW and the St George Sutherland Group of ISNSW. He has spoken to BOSSI Candidate Surveyors and the Young Surveyors Group, encouraging students and up-and-coming Surveyors make their mark on the world through Surveying.


I think the Surveying and Spatial Information industry provides opportunities that would appeal to a range of different people. It would definitely appeal to someone active who enjoys the outdoors and would also appeal to someone who has in interest in modern technology. There are opportunities to work in a huge range of locations and on a great variety of projects.


The forecast shortage of surveyors in Australia will only increase the exciting job prospects for someone considering pursuing a career in Surveying over the next decade, said Ryan. A recent report from Consulting Surveyors National revealed that demand for surveyors in New South Wales is forecast to increase steadily over the next 10 years, meaning students graduating in the next few years can expect to work in the industry while studying and find a job quickly after graduating. From 2015 the gap between workforce and labour demand will rise from 341 persons to 834 by 2021. That's about 3/4 of the total number of Registered Surveyors in NSW currently. There’s never been a better time to study surveying.


PHOTO: Craig Turner (ACS NSW Chairman), Ryan Fifield, Des Mooney (Surveyor General NSW) and Phil Haywood (IS NSW President)

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