Determining the Future Demand, Supply and Skills Gap for Surveying and Geospatial Professionals

In August 2014, BIS Shrapnel was engaged by Consulting Surveyors National (CSN) to update an earlier report on skills gap analysis for surveyors and surveying-related professionals. This updated report builds on the initial report. The report validates the earlier projections, updates the base data and forecasts in the initial report and extends forecasts by two years to 2024.


The initial study conducted by Biz Shrapnel in 2012 identified that the overall demand for surveying skills is generally correlated with the construction cycle. Therefore the predicted pick-up in construction in the next decade will lead to increased demand for surveying skills. This, combined with a lower existing workforce due to ageing, will open up a workforce gap for all  surveying and surveying-related professionals. This initial report presented a workforce capability analysis for planned and forecast development requirements across Australia and in New South Wales and Victoria, with the updated report expanding this analysis to cover South Australia and Queensland.

This will help ensure that workforce planning of constituent members is informed by the most current data, and up-to-date information is  available for use with industry stakeholders and tertiary providers across Australia.


Please click here to access the full report.


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