After nearly ten years of dedicated service to not only the Association but also to the Surveying profession as a whole, the Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW CEO, Dr Veronica Bondarew, has commenced her retirement.


Announcing her retirement to the profession, Mark Andrew, ACS NSW President, said that Dr Bondarew’s exemplary commitment to the advancement of the surveying profession has been evidenced in the many groundbreaking projects she has undertaken over the years – with the positive outcomes of these projects witnessed by the whole profession.


“She was fundamental in the establishment and ongoing work of the NSW Surveying Taskforce, which is in place to ensure the longevity of the surveying profession” Mr Andrew said. 


“It’s also clear that over the years Veronica’s lobbying skills have been indispensable.  She has been integral in the compilation of numerous submissions and the driving force within industry working groups; all aimed at advocating for improved government legislation directly impacting the surveying profession”


Mr Andrew was adamant that “As result of her work over the years the level of professionalism within ACS NSW and services provided by the Association have improved enormously.  It is a better organisation as a result of Veronica’s tenure”.


Veronica has consistently worked towards the enhancement of the Association’s services to its members.  For example, she established BOSSI-recognised webinars which made it easier for regional members to achieve their required professional development points.


With the ability to bring people together to understand the bigger picture and the impact of positive change, Veronica was a key driver in the establishment of the national Association - Consulting Surveyors National. 


The formation of this body has provided Surveyors with representation on a national level, with lobbying of the federal government a key function of this Association, as well as vital nation-wide industry research. Driven by Veronica, this significant research has included the commissioning of an industry demand study undertaken by BIS Shrapnel and the recent research conducted by PwC into the quantitative value of Surveyor registration.


Her significant contribution is acknowledged by the ACS NSW Board and the broader surveying community. 


The Board wishes Veronica all the best for her retirement.




Media Contact:  Rebecca Nicholls – Communications Manager, ACS NSW

Ph: (02) 9267-9728

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