AusSearch: The only comprehensive specialised online property search facility

AusSearch - a partnership between ACS NSW and leading information brokers, Infotrack - is a comprehensive and flexible online property search facility.

The easy-to-use system has benefits for a broad range of industries, including Surveyors, accredited certifiers, architects, engineers, local councils and government departments, just to name a few. 

AusSearch provides a range of information, including Title, Plan, Dealing, 88B, Street Address, Scan on Demand, Service Location Print, Cadastral Record Enquiries, Cancelled Title Image, ASIC, PPSR and more.

Fast links to business searches, debt chasing and other national databases make AusSearch the most extensive online search facility.

With AusSearch you can:

  • search up to 20 titles at once and up to 50 ASIC records
  • Understand how it works before buying - verify Title references to addresses first for free before you order
  • Use the search facility on all mobile platforms – great for professionals who need to be on site and away from the office
  • Obtain past order records and fee summaries in minutes
  • Have multiple users or branch offices (with individual log-ins)
  • Access a Free Helpdesk, with Free initial and ongoing training
  • Monthly Invoices issued with a 60 day credit facility available
AusSearch makes it easy, with no cost to join, no lock-in contract and no ongoing admin fees.


Visit to log in or sign up. 

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