Students get hands on at the Maths in Surveying Day

It can be hard sometimes to see how maths can be fun when you’re stuck in a classroom staring at numbers all of the time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually apply the things you learn in class? Or if you could use highly advanced technology to find the answer you’re looking for? That’s exactly what 90 Secondary school students from 7 schools across NSW experienced during the Maths in Surveying Day last Friday at Bicentennial Park. Mentored by 25 Registered Surveyors and 8 Maths Teachers, students used tools from the past together with the latest technology to perform surveying measurements and see how mathematics is applied to real life situations.


Students participated in a range of activities including Surveying measurement and mapping, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photogrammetry, GPS treasure hunts, CAD modelling, Trigonometrical Heighting and calculating the circumference of the Earth using Eratosthenes method.The UAV was a popular activity with students, which helped increase interest in the profession. This involved using virtual reality goggles and an Xbox controller to manoeuvre the UAV’s camera. Matthew Tuxen, a student from Scots College said “I enjoyed seeing the drones earlier. Working with them would be lots of fun.”Surveying offers significant opportunities for young people looking for a diverse and varied career.


As McCrindle research found in 2013, the national demand for new Surveyors means graduates are more likely to secure jobs in surveying compared with many other professions. An average of 90% of graduates in full-time employment earn a median starting salary of $52,000.Ian Iredale, event organiser said “There is a major skills shortage in surveying looming across the country, and in particular in NSW. We hope this event will help students see how exciting careers in surveying can be and encourage them to keep going with maths through HSC to meet Uni prerequisites for surveying careers.”

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