Career Paths Available

The Association of Consulting Surveyors NSW is not only here to support industry professionals; another important aspect of our work is offering information to young learners eager to find out more about how to become a surveyor.

This is an exciting profession, one that offers extensive opportunities for those with an interest in geography, maths, IT and the outdoors. Entrants can start their careers working as a technician and travel up the hierarchy to become a registered surveyor.

The role of the surveyor in the 21st century is just as important as ever. As such, demand for new workers entering the field is high – as are starting salaries. In fact, surveyors enjoy the fourth highest average starting salary at $60,049*.

Career prospects for young people are similarly strong, with 78% of graduates being employed straight out of university, according to The Good Education Group. That’s the third highest employment rate out there. It’s no wonder – a BIS Shrapnel report** from 2015 estimated that there would be an estimated demand of over 2,500 surveyors in the country by 2024, but only 1,481 surveyors in the workforce. That’s a lot of opportunity for newcomers with an interest in the profession!

 Video on Careers available in Surveying

A Life Without Limits

As a STEM area, there are a variety of avenues one can investigate when pursuing entry into the profession, including the multiple career paths open to students in New South Wales.

To get a full list of the institutions that offer surveying, visit A Life Without Limits. Maintained by the NSW Surveying Taskforce, this website also offers a rundown on scholarships that you may be eligible for. 

Explore the whole website for a detailed background on surveying in the 21st century – and don’t forget to watch the video at the bottom of this page to learn a little about the history of the profession and how it operates in NSW.


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